Developing: “Send this to your blogging buddies.” Lohan not doing Playboy

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

We have to check a few sources here but we’re pretty sure this is legit because we know the sender. We’ll keep you posted. It reads:

John and Leo

I don’t know who leaked the news. I think it was Liz Smith at the NY Post. Hate to break it to ya’ but Lindsay’s never doing playboy. Ever.
I just got off the phone with her and she hadn’t heard the news yet. She was meeting with her lawyer who’s insuring her for her next film. Needless to say, she was fucking fumed. She told me I’m not fucking doing Playboy! She said (they) called her publicist and asked her to do that 20 questions thing but never mentioned doing a spread. Also, you guys need to be nicer to Lilo, she’s had a rough year so back off. I still love you guys except for Bob. Now send this out to all your blogger buddies and fix this situation.

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