Katherine Heigl is a fraud

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Darby Gunpowder:
I have bad news for all you Katherine Heigl fans -she’s not very nice. I happened to be working at a photoshoot for “Knocked Up” a few moons back and had the opportunity to spend some quality time alone with her. She stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and I suddenly became a smoker for the day. I bummed a Marlboro Ultra Light and her lighter pretending she was a civilian like me. Before I could light up my cigarette, she was balls deep in her jewel-studded pink Sidekick yelling at her agent and I didn’t exist. That’s fine, she wanted to make a phonecall -she didn’t owe me, a complete stranger, any kind of smalltalk conversation. But that’s not why she’s mean. Two young teenage girls approached her (she’s still on the phone) and asked for her autograph. Annoyed, she simply shook her head no, and motioned that she was on the phone and the girls walked away a bit shocked and embarrassed
Dollars to donuts if there was a photographer around, she would have smiled and given her autograph in a heartbeat. Shame on you Katie.

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AndyMarch 5, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

Well your experience was completely different to mine. She was out and about in LA and my friends and I spotted her and she was so sweet and gracious. She chatted with everyone and signed autographs for all of us. Whilst our group was there more people came over and she signed for them as well. There was not a camera in sight. Maybe she was having a bad day?

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