Guess who Kim Kardashian idolizes?? Big surprise here…

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Ok, so that wasn’t much of a real question. Of course great big asses think alike. They stick up for one another. Asking why Kim idolizes Jennifer Lopez is like asking a grenade why it likes explosions. Or asking a mustache why it loves Burt Renolds. They’re just meant to be thought of in the same sentence. And as a psych minor myself I can point out that similar looking people generally..drumrole please… to associate with similar looking people. It’s why hot chicks hang with hot chicks. Jocks with jocks. And it’s probably why I admire anyone that is shorter than me. Because just like J-Lo’s ass makes Kim’s ass look ‘not so fat’, shorter people make me feel less like a dwarf.

It’s science.

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