What’s a picture worth?

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Let me start right off with a question. How warped is our society when a single nude picture of a model can be sold for 80 grand? Really?? I can imagine the conversation now when a father explains to his son how he blew Mom’s Chemo treatment funds on a nude 8 X 12 of Gisele Bundchen. Hooray America! Land of the free indeed. While you’re at why don’t you throw in a nail gun and staple your feet into the ground of your own house because you probably don’t belong in the general population. After all, it is only a picture. Have you heard of a thing called the internet my friend? A great man once told me, “Why buy the cow when you can rape one for free?” Truer words were never spoken. And to all of you rich ass-clompers out there who would actually consider buying these ridiculous pics all I can say is shame on you! You don’t deserve to live.

And just for the record, you can buy Gisele, Kate Moss and many other classy pics at the auction this coming April 10 at Christie‚Äôs in New York. Come for the pics, stay for the veal. It’ll be well worth your time.

Below are a few things for less than the price of Gisele’s picture. Enjoy.

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