Guess what hit show is coming back (kinda)

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I know, I’m an asshole. Click Here to see the cast and the FULL STORY of the modern day comeback / spin-off that may feature the original cast.

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90210 is coming back! Well kinda…sorta…not really. A spin-off of the hit 90’s show is being produced by the CW and no one knows if any of the actual cast members will make an appearance. According to The Hollywood Reporter

“The CW is developing a contemporary spinoff of Aaron Spelling’s seminal 1990s teen soap “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

“Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas is in talks to pen the project, which has been put on the fast track by the network.

Details about the spinoff — including which if any of the characters on the original series will make the transition to the new show — remain sketchy. CW is expected to make a decision whether to order a pilot by the end of the month.

The spinoff is being produced by CBS Paramount Network TV, which absorbed original series producer Spelling TV two years ago.

Sources said “90210” creator Darren Star is not involved.”

I grew up in the glory days of the original show and never missed an episode in high school. Not that I was necessarily a fan of the show, but Thursday nights are when all the girls got together to watch the show at Kelly’s house. So you do the math. As Bill Paxton once said,

“________ right? Riiiiiiggghhhht.”

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AngieJune 12, 2008 @ 6:05 pm

I grew up my whole teenage years watching 90210. It’s really mind blowing to know that nobody know’s who’s in the cast. Can’t wait to find out !! I just love the suspence !!

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