Fill in the blank. Heather Mills is a ____-______

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
According to, Paul McCartney’s ex-wife and former leech Heather Mills is set to collect $50 million from her bitter divorce. In a statement I made up, Sir Paul said, “You try to be reasonable. You try to be nice. But sometimes in life you meet a girl with a head like an onion. They make you cry. And no matter how much you wince in pain and beg for it to stop, the onion only gets worse. I thank God that when the day is over I will always be a Beatle, and not some trashy ‘leggy blond’ whore who just ran off with 50 million dollars of my money.”

Thanks Paul, your words cut through me like a knife to a warm stick of butter.

The official settlement will be announced at a London court this Monday.

A judge put their fate in his hands after both parties were unable to reach an agreement.

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