Wanted: Paris Hilton’s new BFF

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I’m now one step closer to moving out of this country for good. Reality TV in general is the visual equivalent to snuffing rubber cement (I do miss high school art class). Paris Hilton’s new reality show, I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend, is the equivalent to a lobotomy. We will all be dumber for watching this show -in fact, just reading this post about the show may kill a few dozen brain cells.
Hilton will choose from 20 “lucky” dumbf#*@ks to be her new best friend….

According to MSN,

“Production is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles at the end of May, MTV said. The contestants will live together in a house — drama! — and try to prove themselves worthy in the areas of loyalty, endurance and “girl politics.”

Hilton, an executive producer on the show, will “teach the secrets of celebrity living — how to turn your enchanted life into a multimillion dollar brand, how to manage public feuds and always rise above, how to survive scandal and then make it work for you, all the while wearing 6-inch heels.”

A casting call has kicked off on ParisBFF.com, where visitors can vote for Hilton’s aspiring hangers-on. Click Here to audition or just laugh at everyone who has entered this shit-show.

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