Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up with baby-daddy

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Darby Gunpowder:
In keeping with the Spears tradition of raising kids without a father, Jamie Lynn has not been seen with her boyfriend Casey Alderidge in over a month. So unless he’s on sabbatical in Machu Pichu rediscovering himself -they broke up. Derober is not sure who did the breaking, so I’m going to flip a quarter and if it lands on tails, Jamie broke up with Casey and if it lands on heads Casey broke up with Jamie.


The quarter fell behind my desk and the ensuing headrush of bending over to pick it up is not worth it. So I’ll make something up:

Casey never impregnated Jamie Lynn. It was in fact a boy named Cesar who empties the Porta-Potties every other day on the set of Zoey 101. The Spears camp found Casey through a Craigslist posting titled “need (white) boy to claim he impregnated our other f#@*ked up daughter – will pay you with a $50 gift certificate to TJ MAxx.”
And you know the rest

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