Sex scandal week continues. Lindsay Lohan made a sex tape

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“Do you want to make a sex tape for the internet?” “What’s the internet?”

Sex Scandal week is almost as good as Shark Week. Lots of teeth. In this case, Lindsay’s teeth on her ex-boyfriends nob. Callum Best has been claiming to have a sex tape of Lindsay for months. Now, a grainy NSFingW photo has been leaked to the press and it appears Callum and his friends are shopping it around. Callum shot on his cell phone while Lindsay blew him south of sideways. Bob ‘the Bitch’ has sketched the photo but it’s not very good because he has some sort of palsy. The actual photo is here

Sex Scandal Week round-up: Kristen Davis here. Audrina Partridge here.
Oh yeah, somebody filmed Adriana Lima’s topless GQ cover shoot. Bam!

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Lohan and Rosen dating | Derober.comMay 29, 2008 @ 2:54 pm

[…] Now I’m no gynaconologist, but I can smell a lesbian a timezone away -and Lindsey Lohan is far from it. I know everyone craves the box from time to time, but this kind of conversion so late in the game […]

EmmittMarch 2, 2015 @ 4:57 pm

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