Hannah Montana toys under investigation for high levels of lead

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Photo credit: Bitten and Bound
Federal consumer safety watchdogs are investigating claims that Hannah Montana toys contain high levels of lead. The line posted nearly a hundred million in revenues last year. Wow. Paint on five of 28 products tested, including a Girls Rock backpack sold at Walmart.com and a Secret Star wallet from toys R Us, were found to contain up to fourteen times the federal standard for lead.
Are you kidding me? I just purchased the Hannah Montana Backstage Makeover Kit. You know the one I got for my six year old niece with fair skin? I can’t just have her take all that makeup off. It’s caked on for Christ’s sake. She loves it. It’s only an accusation, right? Look man, I can’t talk about this now, I gotta’ run to the store to get some Benedryl for my niece. She’s breaking out and I think it might be chicken pox.

As always, Miley Cyrus’ leaked MySpace pictures will accompany any press she ever gets…ever.

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