David Beckham scores first goal in MLS

Darby Gunpowder:
Nearly 5000 years after starting with the MLS, David Beckham has finally scored his first goal (in league play -not tournament). Here’s a list of things that happened while Becks was in a, ahem, drought:

-Dinosaurs went extinct
-Leif Erickson discovered America (not Columbus)
-Television was invented by Filo Farnsworth from Fort Wayne Indiana
-The bikini was invented by an angel from heaven
-SEARS sold vibrating massagers and housewives bought them for other uses
-We found Waldo (having sex with Carmen Sandiego)
-Richard Grieco was born
-Robert Goulet died
-Posh Spice was unplugged and set free into the human world as a Dharma experiment
-Derober.com was launched
-David Beckham scores his first MLS soccer goal

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