Lindsay Lohan offer denied

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Out of work, but not out of ideas, actor Lindsay Lohan has really begun to get desperate. In her upcoming $75,000 role as a nymphomaniac waitress (that’s a stretch) in the Indie film Florence, Lohan offered to give up the goods. Or to the laymen, she offered to show full frontal nudity in hopes of rekindling the flame that was once a career. But the producers had other ideas. Softpedia reports:

She just wants to remind people that she can act and she’s worth hiring.” Also, the source reports that although the script only requires LiLo to show her boobs, she offered to go all the way down and strip completely. “She said it would be no problem to go Full Monty,” added the insider. Thankfully, the producers refused to go along with her very helpful offer.

Wow. That’s a new low. When the producers are telling a woman to keep their clothes on you know there’s something really f#%^ed up with that person. Enter Lindsay Lohan. She’ll make you an offer you CAN refuse. Lohan never should have done that Marilyn Monroe topless shoot. It took away that crazy curiosity that all men shared and replaced it with a lackluster, “Ehhh.”

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