Guess who uses Paris Hilton’s ‘Bandit’ hair extensions?

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Darby Gunpowder:
Britney Spears not only endorses Paris Hilton’s Wal-Mart quality ‘Bandit’ hair extensions, she uses them too! Britney claims they are sooo easy to install,

“After finally getting the box open, you simply place the hair on the bald spots, then cover your head with a potatoe sack. Then my manager Larry Rudolph throws a rabid squirrel inside the bag and it goes crazy. The squirrel is so excited to be puttin the hair in my hair, it does all the work for you. You know it’s done, when the Hungry Man dings on the microwave. Larry uses a baseball bat to whack the squirrel dead and when we take the sack off my head it’s all finished. Just like that -brand new hair. A quick shower gets all that blood out too.”

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