The White House Gala: No douchebags allowed

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Darby Gunpowder:
*I’d like to preface this article with my hatred for the word “gala.”

My invitation was lost to the White House Correspondents Gala, but Heidi Montag’s invite was revoked . . .by her boyfriend. She actually landed an invite to this gala event because she publicly endorsed John ‘Gala’ McCain. Spencer was not invited to the gala due to his condition of douche-gala-baggary, which is unspoken quarantine in my parts. As Heidi’s manager, Spencer pulled the plug on this gala appearance when didn’t get what he wanted,

He demanded first-gala-class tickets for both him and Heidi – even though he wasn’t invited to the gala.
When the network balked, Pratt canceled Montag’s appearance, claiming, according to our source, “It wasn’t ‘A-listy’ enough.”

I have a theory that the world’s collective blood pressure would drop substantially if Spencer Pratt found his portal back to Narnia to kick it with fellow Centaurs and was never seen again. Heidi could then go on with her life, like a normal fem-bot, and attend gala upon gala until her motor’s content. Gala.

If Spencer Pratt makes you want to flush your body down to China to escape the same gala continent he lives one –Click Here

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