Angie Everhart busted for DUI

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Darby Gunpowder:
Former model and supposed actress Angie Everhart was arrested late Sunday night for drinking and driving. This happened only days after she and Joe Pesci called their freak-show marriage off. Is she depressed? Did Pesci set her up? The New York Post had this to say,

…the ravishing readhead, 38, was picked up at 2 a.m. last Thursday on Wilshire Boulevard a few blocks east of the world-famous Wiltern Theater. She persuaded police officers to allow her to use the bathroom in a nearby restaurant before taking the test, which she subsequently failed. She also reportedly refused to take part in any chemical testing because she claimed her attorney had told her not to. She was released several hours later on $15,000 bail.”

I’m trying my best to think of something nasty to say about Angie, but I’m distracted with the thought of whether or not the drapes match the fire-crotch. I’m usually not a big fan of gingers, but Ms Everhart makes me feel self conscious about wearing sweat pants.

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