Gisele Bundchen can be my wingman anytime

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Think only actor celebrities make serious money. Well then you probably don’t have an ass like Gisele Bunchen’s. In a recent report it has been estimated that Gisele Bundchen pocketed 35 million last year alone. That’s twice as much Heidi Klum made last year and way more than lover-boy Tom Brady earned–which makes me happy. I can only imagine the day she realized she had the greatest body in the world. She probably stood in front of a mirror and said, “Jesus Gisele. You could start a holocaust with that ass. Set oceans to boil. Write a fourth Lord of the Rings book solely based on those tree trunks.” Then she had the heart to heart talk with mom where they hugged each other and discussed plans to rid the world of men.

For the fourth LOTR book of Gisele.

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