Is that cancer on Halle Berry’s breast??

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Nope. I’m just an ass. I call this tit slaloming. And it’s all the rage in the Ukraine. With some luck it will be an American sport by the 2012 Olympics in London. The sport takes uncanny hand to eye coordination and a tit intensive attitude–aka, the ‘winning way.’ Training can be grueling as well. It includes (but is not exclusive to) groping reps, nipple tweaking, breast half-piping, milk showers, and the infamous boob grind–my personal favorite, just FYI. So when all hope is lost in your life just remember there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least some big ol titties.

Halle Berry’s breasts have their own ecosystem

I know we’ve all seen the gratuitous Halle cleavage before…but never such an extreme angle. She improves the image of pregnant women everywhere.

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[…] men. It may have just taken the lead as my favorite tit-olympic sport beating out such favorites as tit-slaloming, the tit-half pipe and of course..tit-skydiving. Apparently X-tina recently went on Larry King to […]

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