Nick Cannon is soooo busted

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The indian giver proposed to his fiance, Victoria Secret model Selita with a huge engagement ring. Then after they broke off the engagement, Cannon took the ring back only to use it again to propose to Mariah Carey. I have to imagine this is the sort of shit you just don’t pull with Mariah a.k.a. Biggest Diva on the Planet.

Right now Maria is in her gold plated bathtub surrounded by an entourage of gay bff’s and toy dogs, crying her botoxed eyes out, feeling like the sloppy seconds she is.

Meanwhile, Nick isn’t picking up his cell because he’s at Ray Ray’s Pawn Shop trying to make this shit right. He can’t decide between the rhinestone or the cubic zirconium. Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: At Derober, we asked ourselves, ‘Of ALL the women in the world today, who would be the worst one to pull this stunt with?’ And goddamn if the answer isn’t Mariah effing Carey! We just can’t stop laughing over here.

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