Britney makes cameo at sisters baby shower. How sweet.

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Darby Gunpowder:
Kentwood Louisiana woke up when mega-star Britney Spears showed up at her sister’s baby shower this past weekend. E! News did all the work for us again,

E! News has learned that mom and dad did all the cooking for the alcohol-free affair, which included fried chicken and chili.
Security was tight at Serenity, with police setting up a roadblock and checking IDs. By noon, only about 50 cars were allowed to enter, mostly filled with college-age men and women. There was no sign of Jamie Lynn’s baby daddy/fiancĂ©, Casey Aldridge.

I’m calling bullshit that Mr and Mrs did all the cooking. Derober’s underage illegal immigrant camera boy caught Jamie Lynn and crony outside the local KFC loading their truck full of greasy goodness. This is another sure indicator that her closet-porker of a sister was in town. Get you some hauss!!!

Click here to check out Britney’s gut.

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