Amy Winehouse arrested yesterday on more drug charges (I would never have guessed)

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Our favorite bag of sour creme and onion flavored insanity, Amy Winehouse, was arrested yesterday for suspicion of drug use. The allegations were brought up in association with a video that was released a few months ago in which Winehouse was spotted smoking crack and downing six Valium pills (note that just one could kill a small rhino).

When questioned Amy growled, foamed at the mouth and proceeded to dry hump the sh#t out of one of the officer’s legs. It didn’t go over well. The officer decided that his previous plan to issue Amy a warning wasn’t enough. He clubbed Amy over the head, arrested her on the spot and placed an electric dog collar on her neck. Amy has been trying to gnaw it off ever since but to no avail do to a general lack of teeth. And all I can say is why are all the great artists so disturbed??

For more on the dryhumping man hound.

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