Man writes book about time O.J. Simpson confessed to murdering his wife

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Just when I think I finally put ‘the juice’ out of my mind for good some ass clown rehashes the time O.J. admitted to killing his wife while in a drunken stupor. And don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated with the details; however, I really thought I’d heard the last of the O.J Simpson murder gossip years ago. And it was such a relief. A feeling not unlike the last math test I ever took. But I digress. The story according to Mike Gilbert, a former memorabilia dealer and money-laundering partner of O.J.’s, goes that one night O.J. got hammered and confessed to killing his wife. The AP reports,

He said Simpson had smoked pot, took a sleeping pill and was drinking beer when he confided at his Brentwood home weeks after his trial what happened the night of June 12, 1994. Simpson said he went to his ex-wife’s condominium, but did not bring a knife with him. Simpson told him Nicole Brown Simpson had one in her hand when she opened the door.
In a soft mumble, Simpson told him: “If she hadn’t opened that door with a knife in her hand … she’d still be alive.”
“Nothing more needed to be said,” Gilbert writes. “O.J. had confessed to me. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

How does one respond to a confession like that?? I imagine you laugh uncomfortably and try your best at making an empathetic comment which comes out sounding something like, “women huh??” You down another shot and slowly weasel your way out of room. And years later when the nightmares finally subside you decide ‘f%ck it,’ and you write a tell all book about the night O.J. confessed to killing his wife. You sell millions of copies and consider the profits you made severance pay for all the punitive damages you faced the night O.J. Simpson got drunk and stoned at his house and decided you were someone he could confide in.

But that’s just my theory. For more on the juice.

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