Judgment Day just got a whole lot sexier

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~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
It’s official. In perhaps one of the most astonishing moves since Nixon resigned from office, Christian Bale has just signed on to play the heroic human leader John Connor in three (count em three) new Terminator movies. In fact filming has already begun on the first of the three movies entitled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. It is slated to be released May 22, 2009–Judgment Day (for me anyways). Victor Kubicek of the film company Halcyon, said about Bale he is “really an actor’s actor, so we’re very proud. Christian was our first choice and he’s a big fan of The Terminator, so we’re very lucky. But with Batman he’s already done the whole franchise thing, so we weren’t sure he’d respond.”

Apparently the script was love at first paycheck sight for Bale. As for Arnold, there is still no word yet on whether or not he will even play a role in the upcoming films. But the burning question still remains, do people still have internet porn in the future or have they had to resort to their imagination and cannibalism?

Don’t think about that too hard.

For more on Megan Fox topless. Why you ask?? I ask why not?

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