Brit’s dad quits day job for daughter’s teet

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Darby Gunpowder:
Britney’s dad hit the lotto the day he implanted Mrs Spears with that rotten seed of his. But ask any lotto winner, money can’t buy happiness -but it can buy you an early retirement. Mr Spears has been “forced” to quit his job as a sweet caterer to care for other vegetables, his daughter. Homeboy will make $10,000 a month for being a dad. Even though he is her dad, he still gets paid to be a dad. Let’s review:
Britney is her dad’s daughter. He gets paid to be her dad. My dad does not not get paid to be my dad, nor do my brother or sisters pay my dad to be their dad. I just called all my friends and a few random people in the phonebook and they don’t pay their dads to be their dads. Some of the people I asked don’t have dads, but confirmed they would not pay them if they did. I hope my dad doesn’t start charging to be my dad. Maybe I should be a dad to supplement my income…Mom, stay out of this.

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