Hugh Hefner biopic needs to be played by man of Iron

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
When I think of Hugh Hefner words like charm, class, charisma, and tits come to mind (not necessarily in that order). So in Hef’s upcoming biopic it would take a man with similar attributes to successfully fill his shoes. Enter man of Iron and former ‘most F#cked up actor in Hollywood’ award recipient Robert Downey Jr. It’s a fit made in heaven. And although Downey is not a lock for the roll yet something tells me that Hef has Downey a couple of offers he can’t refuse. And by ‘couple’ I mean tits–just so we’re straight on that one. Apperently Hugh saw Downey in the new Iron Man movie and admired his humor and skill in showing his vulnerability. And though this is all unofficial at this point, sources said that Hefner has signed off on Downey to play him in the movie, which is currently called Boob Man Playboy–it’s a working title so lets not rush to judgment yet. And all I can say is that I..AM…IN. A living legend played by one of Hollywood’s great maverick actors with that other special thing–oh yeah, titties! This could be the next Godfather.

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