Romo isn’t done playing with fun-bags

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Darby Gunpowder:
It’s true what they say about playing down to someone’s level, not only in sports, but relationships in general. Jessica Simpson’s down syndrome is rubbing off on Tony Romo. The couple is back together again according to the laws of being seen together in public. According to Derober’s biggest rival, Perez Hilton:

“Sources reveal exclusively to that the blonde has spent the past couple of days in Dallas with the Cowboys quarterback.

On Saurday night, the couple – looking “relaxed” but not “lovey dovey” – had dinner together at N9Ne steakhouse.

Then, on Sunday, sources tell us that Tony & Yoko Romo had brunch together at Sneaky Petes in Lewisville, TX.

After galavanting through Chicago recently with beautiful babies, Romo remembered how much he loved motorboating Daisy Duke herself. Who can blame the guy???

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