David Beckham is a monster tipper

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Celebrity / Athlete: David Beckham
Location: Culver City, CA
Place: Joxer Daily’s Pub

Imagine waiting tables at the local pub in LA and David Beckham walks in. (Wet yourself) Now imagine him leaving a $900 tip on $100 bill -after you tell him HE is NOT your favorite player…
This happened recently to an unsuspecting waitress at Joxer Daily’s Pub. Here’s her story,

I’m a former bartender at Joxer Daily’s. Sorry I waited so long to submit my story but I would have been poor form to discuss this while I was working there. It was early November when a few boys from the LA Galaxy came to the Pub. They come in from time to time because the crowd at Joxer’s knows their football and nobody treats the boys too special.
The Galaxy had just played Hollywood United F.C. for charity to benefit victims of the LA wildfires. Troy Roberts and Landon Donovan came in first. Everybody loves Landon. He’s always nice to everybody when he comes in. Nobody suspected for a moment that Becks would ever show up. Then after about 20 minutes, Beckham himself walked in! The whole pub tried not to stare but it was so amazing. The team didn’t go party-crazy. The boys just had beer and pub snacks. David only drank mineral water. He’s much taller than I thought. Becks signed autographs for anyone who asked. After a couple shots, I finally mustered the courage to talk to David. I said I thought he was the best player on earth next to Ryan Giggs. Becks perked up, “Yeah, I’m a huge fan of Giggsy. He’s one of my favorites.” I asked for a picture and he had one of the players hold the camera! Can I just say he smelled so nice! Really! I hugged him so tight and he didn’t mind at all. Everyone was in good spirits.
When I gave them their tab, David snatched it away from his mates. They argued with him a bit but he just looked at them and told them to hush up. I know your website likes tipping stories so you’ll love this: The tab was about $100 and Becks had just added a zero to $1,000! – A $900 tip! I had to ask him if it was correct. He just said, “It is. Is Giggs still your favorite player?” “Not anymore!” On a day where the Galaxy played for charity, David really meant it! I know it’s not a windfall of cash but the tidy sum helped me fix my ailing car and get a cavity filled so it meant a lot to me. What a magical evening! Thank you, David!

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LeoJune 12, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

why the hell not…make it rain Becks!


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suezOctober 30, 2010 @ 12:58 am

Dont believe it. And he is much shorter in person that people realize- he is not tall at all.

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