Hell froze over

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Darby Gunpwder:
By some freak Late Night Show mix-up, Spencer Pratt appeared on Letterman the other night. My only guess as to how Pratt made it on the show is that when Letterman introduced his next glamorous celebrity guest (probably Keanu Reeves), Spencer simply walked out instead. These things happen. Letterman, who could give a shit about any celebrity in the first place, just kinda rolled with it and charmingly bashed the little prick.
The interview is hysterical. Letterman asked Douchey Doucherton how he actually got on The Hills and immediately interrupted himself and asked,

“Wait, how did you get on THIS show???”

For once, Spencer Pratt will be worth your time -check out the video:

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LennoxJune 16, 2008 @ 11:41 pm

it was worth it just to see dave giving it to that kid and he had no idea

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