Masquerade Bags, Uncoachable Hotness, Stretchy Bells, More Juice Please!

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Benji Madden and his ward are complete douche bags (Warship)
And the International Babe of the day is…(DoubleViking)
Oksana Andersson is pretty much naked (BustedCoverage)
Bikini Jello wrestler arrested for assault. Yes, there are photos (Asylum)
Uncoachable, the Milfiest Milf in Milf Land (Unchoached)
Playmate of the Year gets herself a Wii (Brahsome)
Doc Rivers dirty laundry sells for $50,000 (DonChavez)
More photos of Kristen Bell gettin’ all stretchy (BannedinHollywood)
Kanye West is pissed, boy (BlogofHilarity)
The front-runners for Miss Universe, YES! (Cuzoogle)
The Dodgers have some sexy-ass fans (On205th)
Scarlett Jo-Hooters gets a booby prize (BedHead)
Entertainment Weekly has become irrelevant, finally (TastyBooze)
Ever seen a Major League short bus? (MacG)
Shaq attack on Kobe gets him is some hot water (Stab)

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