Pamela Anderson is the fuel behind every great male success story

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Think about every great male inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur of our time. What common thread do they all share? Answer: Before they were a somebody they all wanted to get laid by the bombest smoking hot-ass chicks. Seriously, what other reason is there to become rich and famous? You think Kennedy wanted to go to the moon because it made for great television? Henry Ford just had to create the Model T and assembly lines because he wanted to help people get from A to B? And Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence because no one else could better animate America’s need for liberation?
All the great ones got to be men of power because of their drive to get laid by the Pamela Anderson’s of the world. Women with an ass like honey, legs like woah, tits like fish tanks filled with your favorite jam jelly, and a face like an angel–an angel that wants to f#ck you.
After all, what else is there in life to aspire to?
A nice house–Overrated, I’ve burned down every home I ever owned.
Fancy cars–just masterbate more to the thought of cars you pervert.
Early retirement–bullet in my head at 65.
Leaving financial security to family–see if you can suck the money out of my cold dead ass, bitches.

But Pamela you were always there for me. And for that…I have a reason to get rich.

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