Hottest Muppets (for a reason), Swayze’s Bracelet, Kelly “Yum-Yum Brooks”, More juice please…

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

5 hottest muppets declared (DoubleViking)
Patrick Swayze gets his own cancer bracelet…I’ll take 2,000 (Asylum)
Adam “mca’ yauch of the beastie boys weighs in on the times (BedHead)
kelly brook melts leather couches (bannedinhollywood)
Top 10 SI swimsuit issue covers. Amazing (DonChavez)
Hilary Swank back to looking like a prepubescent boy (celebwarship)
That’s Christina Aguilera’s ass for sure (flatusyahu)
Boob on boob therapy (hottestmyspace)
When Hugh Hefner talks I listen (tastybooze)
Chicks with guns..say no more (macgsworld)
Guys who watch too much UFC (bustedcoverage)
The hottest gymnast ever knocks a guy unconscious (theangryt)
Women gives family banana boat piggy-back-ride (brightblack)
Sharapova ate my dog..who ate steroids (blogofhilarity)
Hairiest redneck ever (yepyepgibbs)

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