Marisa Miller has made some wise decisions in her time

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
Marisa Miller roles with good company. As I made evident in my tell all book 5 Ways to Woo Marisa Miller, Marisa and I are happily dating. Or I guess you could say we are more friends with benefits. Whatever you want to call our relationship is semantics anyways–I rock…she rolls…we f@ck 3 times a day and 4 times on Sundays. And as a woman of class it should come as no surprise that Marisa has done a ‘proper’ topless/bottomless spread for the August issue of GQ magazine. And in a related story, there has been a startling increase of men who’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome since the spread’s release. And all I can say is look but don’t touch fellas. Ol’ Rusty the sawed-off shotgun is always waiting close by my side.

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