What does Audrina see in him?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Look at how happy Audrina Partridge and boyfriend Justin Bobby (name not a joke) are bar-hopping on the streets of Santa Monica. Makes me think maybe..just maybe it’s time for me to try my hand at dating. Perhaps I’ve been too hard on celebrity couples and haven’t given them enough praise for their happiness. Maybe I should quit being such a critic and start being a believer. Perhaps I finally learned the error in my cynical ways. Ohh…ohhh God what have I done…?


Wait a minute…

What was I saying. Oh Lord, I’ve done it again. I’m sorry guys I lost my head there for a second. I was in the midst of cocking the shotgun when those previous hopeful comments were uttered. I guess I just got caught up in romantic moments that lead up to pre-shotgun blast and was in speaking unconsciously in a state of horny hypnosis. But like everything in life the moment is over and I still hate people. All is well…all is well.

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