8 athletes who blog (and 2 that shouldn’t)

Gilbert Arenas

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One of the most well-known bloggers is Wizard’s guard Gilbert Arenas. His blog is colorful and opinionated.
Highlight: Gilbert’s blogging breakthrough came when shoemaker Adidas gave Arenas a prototype of his second signature shoe which was months away from being revealed to the public. Dissatisfied with the design, Arenas took his frustrations out to the blogosphere:

“I’m sitting there looking at the shoe like ‘I hope you guys aren’t serious. Because I’m not going to wear this shoe…Nobody is going to wear this shoe. It reminds me of a ballerina.”

More recently, Gilbert is getting recognized for his catchy blog titles which include, My Dad is Old, My D-League Friend, What Happened to My Kobe Haircut, and I Wasn’t in New Orleans, But My Shoes Were.

Curt Schilling

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Curt Schilling’s is one of the most diligent writers in the blogosphere (updated 2-3 times weekly). His blog, 38 Pitches, is opinionated, random, and often scathing.

Highlight: Curt’s rise to blogos-fame came when he published a response to the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball which infuriated a lot of his peers, not the least of which was Jose Canseco whom Schilling called a ‘liar’, a ‘liar’, and let me see here….oh, ‘a liar.’

Greg Oden

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Oden’s blog is a fantastic mixture of his professional and personal life; a wide-eyed account of an eager young athlete willing to share all his experiences with his fans. It’s updated frequently with enthusiasm.

Highlight: After receiving a phone call from Barack Obama, Oden went strait to his blog.

He (Obama) also asked me about my knee, and he said he wasn’t feeling my mohawk – lol. I laughed and explained to him that it’s just a haircut to me and he told me he liked how I handle myself as a young man – “Thanks Mom.”


Etan “The Scholar” Thomas

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Don’t expect musings on the Wizard’s latest win from Etan’s blog. Etan Thomas runs a much loftier-minded blog than his peers. Etan is a guest blogger for the left-leaning Huffington Post. Thomas isn’t afraid to tackle headier issues either.

Highlight: Etan lambasted Mayor Giuliani for comparing the time he spent for photo opportunities during 9/11 to the work of the firefighters in a post titled, ‘Giuliani is No 9/11 hero’.

Paul Shirley

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One writer who has parlayed his success as a blogger into a Random House book deal is Paul Shirley. As the Phoenix Suns 12th man for the ’05- ’06 season, Paul hardly played and considered himself more of “an embedded journalist” for the team.

Highlight: Paul is a walking calamity. All his entries are noteworthy. One in particular reads,

I think maybe I should be nicer to people or learn how to play basketball a little better. Or perhaps I should avoid massive internal injuries and/or angering foreign general managers. Also, I think my core temperature must be slightly higher than most everyone else’s as well.

Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony only updates his blog during the basketball season. Anthony’s blog provides a great insight into his game. It is also surprisingly complimentary of other teams and players.

Highlight: Carmelo Anthony’s blog only makes sense if you speak text message.

Season’s over 4 us, un4tunately, so it’s time for me to chill. I’ll lay low and rest 4 month, month and half b4 gettin back in 2 it.

Olympic Athletes:

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The IOC has given athletes the right to blog at the Beijing Games this summer, a first for the Olympics, as long as they follow the many rules it set to protect copyright agreements, confidential information and security. Basically, they are allowed to discuss what they had for breakfast as long as they don’t get emotional about it.

David “Big Tipper” Beckham

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It was my original intention to make David Beckham’s blog one of the two you shouldn’t read even though we recently found out he’s actually an amazing tipper. Sadly, he updates his blog frequently regardless of whether the Galaxy wins or loses and seems to enjoy connecting with his fans. Not only that but the makes a point to compliment every new American city in which he plays.
Highlights: Beckham makes an effort to stop in the those cities to help support the local soccer programs in any way he can. After reading 20 of his posts I’m convinced that David could be some sort of politician.

The 2 who shouldn’t

Ben Roethlisberger

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Ben Roethlisberger’s blog contains all the enthusiasm of a dying giraffe. Updated infrequently, if ever, Big Ben’s entries are topical non-depth observations.
include, “I got off the bus”, “The flight here was good”, and my favorite little gem, “I went to dinner.” At the bottom of each post is Ben’s autograph. Fans will always be able to tell the athletes who blog because they enjoy it and those whose handlers force them into it. Ben is the latter.

Evan Tanner

Evan Tanner, a UFC fighter aggresively proclaims about his new blog, “I won’t be pulling any punches. I’ll be telling you like it is. The fighting life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows.” Evan even carefully lays out a 5 point manifesto outlining what to expect from his new, rapid-fire, no holds barred, super- blog.
Evan Tanner is quite possibly the first athlete guilty of overblogging.
Lowlights: Evan’s blog is a minute-to-minute shirtless bonanza. If you want to know where even is making a pee pee right now, just go to his blog. If you want to know Evan’s every waking move – go to the blog, you’re going to either love it… or really hate it.

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