Fight clubs celebrity style, winehouse being winehouse, faceplant, more juice please…

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

C’mon, I’m from Indiana. You had to see this one coming.

Fight club: Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning (doubleviking)
Fight Club: Competitive eaters vs. pamplona runners (asylum)
Amy Winehouse tries to DJ stoned..I think (pink)
USC track star + Beer Pong (bustedcoverage)
Ladies ass up, say no more (loserswithsocks)
Friends call boy’s mom after massive face plant, hysterical (donchavez)
Winehouse boobs ducktaped. Who’s the asshole who thought this was a good idea (celebwarship)
Pissed off Winnebago salesman (yepyepgibbs)
Jaimie Lynn Spears’ reproduction rap–(on205th)

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