So Batman made a little money this weekend?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
In case you haven’t heard Batman The Dark Knight has just put my heart at ease by beating Spider Man 3’s previous 3 day opening weekend box office record of 151.1 million. Batman made a whopping 155.340 million dollars this weekend, or roughly 2.5 billion pogs. And lets be honest, the movie was f#cking stellar but Heath Ledger was the movie’s ace in the hole. I try to figure out how he was so brilliant and electrifying and all I can think of is that a sniper had his rifle trained on him during the entire shoot and told him that if he wasn’t a revelation in every scene that he would be killed. Either way we’re all just a little blessed that we got to see such a great actor in the role of his life just before he passed away. Epic, Heath. Epic.

Oh yeah, and f#ck you Spider Man.

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