Mini-Me sues ex for beating his ass

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Mini-Mi is suing his sex tape co-star Renae Shrider for 20 million dollars for “tossing him around like a rag doll.” TMZ reports,

“Verne’s killer lawyer, Ed McPherson, tells TMZ, “When you pick up a 2’8″ human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts.”
In the lawsuit, Troyer basically says the chick terrorized him, once picked the lock to his bedroom door, pushing away a 100 pound scooter that was used to block the door, and then throwing him to the floor.”

20 million dollars? Really? Last time I checked Renae was trying to sell a sex time for 25K because she was broke. I’m sure she stashed some cash under her mattress next to the hidden treasure of Sierra Madra she found on expedition last year. This whole thing is a farce. The only way this could get more ridiculous is if I turned Renae into a fire breathing succubus and had her baste Mini-Me.

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