Paris Hilton & Britney Spears featured in McCain ad because…

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Darby Gunpowder:
…I have no idea. In Derober’s tireless quest to not mix celebrities and politics, every once in a while we are force fed Gerbers earwax-prune-queef flavored celebritics. So please try and digest the latest John McCain political ad. Apparently McCain’s camp featured Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in an Obama bash ad -which does get points for originality. Long story, short, Paris is pretending to be pissed even though her parents are huge McCain contributers. You be the judge because we don’t care…because we are fictional characters…who live on the moon. Here’s the story from E! Online:

“She’s on tour with Benji [Madden] and isn’t watching television and has not been on the Internet,” said the source. “But she’s already said she’s not too happy about it.”
That’s interesting, since Paris’ parents are big McCain supporters (even contributing recently to his presidential campaign). But it turns out Paris has chosen not to publicly state who she’s rooting for.
“She doesn’t consider herself a political figure, and so she does not appreciate being used in that way,” said the insider. “She’d prefer the candidates just leave her out of it.”

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