Retard on a bike, Sexy-Time Photos, Bikinis and Species, More Juice Please

Top Photographer tells us how to take sexy photos. Yes, there are photos (Asylum)
Linda Santaguida is in a bikini. She’s amazing (DoubleViking)
Memba’ Natasha Henstridge from Species? Her tits are still rockin (DirtyRotten)
By the way, this is what Natasha Henstridge used to look like naked (Meta)
Olympic Basketball cheerleader upskirt (BustedCoverage)
President Bush is not photoshopped. This photo is real (Uncoached)
Eva Longoria and Hayden Panettiera go out together. HOT (Hilarity)
Rachel Zoe is a shell of herself. This is pretty sick (Warship)
Pete Doherty actually has an impersonator and he’s a dead ringer (BedHead)
Her name is Emily Scott and you’re gonna shit your pants (BrightBlack)

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