Lily Allen: ‘What are you looking at, bitch?’

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Can I get a catfight with a side of nipple-slip? Yes, I can! The story goes that Lily Allen was leaving the Groucho Club in London when a French passerby started harassing Lily for no reason. The woman repeatedly called Lily “an asshole” until Lily lost her shiz and started throwing punches. Sadly, Lily was too drunk to land a punch and the whole thing ended up looking exactly how two girls fight…pathetically.

I like Lily. She’s a real spark plug. She walks around all day with her chest out, smoking a cigarette, and cursing like a sailor. She’s just like a man only with fatter ankles.

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Afternoon Whoredom | Dirty Rotten WhoreAugust 21, 2008 @ 2:15 pm

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