Hitler Gets Rick Roll’d, Monks, Celeb Strippers, More Juice Please…

That’s Sophie Monk in a bikini there (DoubleViking)
Celebrities who have stripped for a cause (Asylum)
Abbie Raytay gets breast implants (BustedCoverage)
Playboy’s Girls Next Door doing what they do best (DirtyRotten)
Elizabeth Hurley is hot as shit….still (On205th)
I saw this photo and I laughed my ass off (TastyBooze)
Fast and Furious 4 trailer. Boom. (Cuzoogle)
Quite possibly the grossest Minnie Driver photo I’ve ever seen (Warship)
Paris Hilton’s screen test is amazing. That was a joke (BedHead)
All the VMA coverage you need (Pink)

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