Guy Has Sex With Truck, How To Wear A Thong, Dutch Ovens, More Juice Please…

Two devastating women teach us how to wear thongs (DoubleViking)
Dutch women’s soccer team now wearing skirts (Asylum)
Danni Lloyd is wearing her nipples (DirtyRotten)
Tuesday morning poon hunt (DonChavez)
An Argentinian girl that makes me sweat (Uncoached)
Amy Poehler is leaving SNL. Nooooooo! (Warship)
Anna Kournikoca nips through like 2 layers of clothing (Banned)
USC Cheerleader upskirt…all of ‘em (BustedCoverage)
Future Films. Trust me it’s worth a look (AgentBedhead)
Beyonce as a cop is smoking hot (Pink)
Jerry O’Connell and Audrina Partridge? (BlogofHilarity)

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