Paris Hilton Portrait is made of porn…PORN

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Asian wack-job artist Jonathan Yeo created the above portrait of Paris Hilton using nothing but old porn magazines. My only question is did the pages stick together before the portrait’s creation? ZINGER! But seriously, how appropriate. Paris Hilton immortalized through the pages of porn. It only seems fitting. Now in case anyone wants to know why the jerk-off choose to make this piece of sh#t, FOX reports,

He got the idea for the collages following the cancellation of a commission by the White House to paint Bush in 2004. He made the portrait, anyway, but in the form of a collage using pieces of pornographic magazines.
Barrett said posters of the Hilton portrait, titled “Paris, 2008,” will be sold for $20 each at the gallery.
She said Yeo was offering Hilton proceeds from the sale of the posters as a “lighthearted” gesture because the hotel heiress has said she didn’t receive any money from the notorious 2004 sex video that starred her and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

Everyone get that??? Good. No go outside and have fun. Live…live for me, God damnit…

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matt snyderSeptember 30, 2008 @ 2:47 pm

Notice anything phallic about her thumb? lol

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