Angelina Jolie supports breastfeeding …O..K…?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
So…yeah. Apparently in the upcoming issue of W magazine Angelina Jolie poses while breastfeeding. Now I can’t confirm who or what will be the recipient of Angelina’s breast milk but If I know Angi like I think I do we’re all in for a real shit show. A circus freak act with biscuit wheels. So for now I’ll leave you with these pics of Angelina wooing a defenseless horse (which I think could be considered illegal in most states but what-ev). A source confirmed the upcoming shoot,

It’s true! Sources who’ve seen the photos confirm exclusively to Life & Style that Angelina Jolie really did pose for the cover story of W magazine while breast-feeding!
“Angelina posed for Brad [Pitt] in one of the photos while breast-feeding,” the source reveals to Life & Style. “It’s really beautiful and tastefully done.”
“The photos are amazing,” adds a second source.
Brad shot the photos in mid-August at Chateau Miraval, the family’s home in the South of France. They’re scheduled to appear in W’s November issue, hitting newsstands on Oct. 21.

Seriously though, photoshoot aside, if there ever was an animal rights activist out there that didn’t like Angelina Jolie, for whatever reason, this is your chance. That horse is literally nose deep in Angi’s boobage. Straight inter-species motorboating.

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