Triumph insults David Blane, Anime Babes, 16 Boobs, and Riding Mowers. More Juice Please…

Gemma Merma is the international babe of the day (DoubleViking)
The hot babes of the Anime Convention (Asylum)
That Gemma Merma is everywhere. And I’m linking to it (Uncoached)
The hottest UMass student EVER (Uncoached)
2 Faces, 16 Boobs, 1 Ass, and 1 Sn…(BrightBlack)
Man Arrested For DUI while riding lawn mower (DonChavez)
Bill Murray is a chick magnet (BedHead)
Brooke Hogan is falling out of her blouse, not in a good way (Warship)
Tila Tequila whores it up (DirtyRotten)

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