Guess the handsome gay couple

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Darby Gunpowder:
Tom Cruise is trying to clone himself using his wife’s body. This is a rare symptom of Napoleon’s syndrome, but it’s apparent the morphing process has already started. Katie’s once magnificent breasts (if you’ve seen ‘The Gift’) are shrinking, her hair won’t grow any longer, and she is wearing Tom’s suits -altered of course. We asked ‘MD to the stars’ Dr Saul Rosenburgerstienfeld for his professional take on the matter,

“In all my years, I have only seen this once before, when Michael Jackson attempted the body metamorphism on his chimp, Bubbles. He tried to convert the primate into a 7 year old boy. He almost succeeded until Bubbles suddenly died of an acute sinus infection in the groin area.”

Thanks doc. Maybe you should seek help yourself.

Here’s mini-Tommy and full-size Tommy leaving a Hermes party in NYC last night.

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