Palin beat down, Tera nipping, babes busting, more juice please…

This video is NOT what you think. Enjoy courtesy of donchavez.

Darth Vader feels the blues (i-am-bored)
Miss Italy naked….why not (doubleviking)
50 public sign FAILS (asylum)
Some chick tried to deep throat a Bud Light can! (TastyBooze)
Kendra Wilkonson loves the single life (celebridiot)
The hottest chick in the Big Ten here (bustedcoverage)
The best body in the world=Holly Weber (uncoached)
Tara Reid nipping in MIAMi? (donchavez)
Jordan and Paris together (celebwarship)
Justin staring at Rihanna’s ass…me too (agentbedhead)
Penelope Cruz is still smokin hot (on205th)
HOTTEST cleavage ever (hottestgirlsofmyspace)
Tila Tequila makes me think dirty things (drunkenstepfather)
This NEW and GREAT site we just found (oliverwillis
Robber Carves “B” into victims face for McCain bumper sticker (thedonkeybin)

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