Wentz-bag attempts to break interview world record

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Darby Gunpowder:
Pete Wentz is attempting to break the interview world record by taking the most interviews in a 24 hour period.
What a fag. I can only guess the magazines and radio stations that are on board with this douchy stunt:

  1. Horse and Hound
  2. Teen Girl
  3. Hanson Weekly
  4. Cosmo Girl
  5. Tiger Beat
  6. The Emo Advocate
  7. Bi-Sexual Bi-weekly
  8. 103.9 KDOUCH FM
  9. 96.8 DBAG FM
  10. NAMBLA Digest

The list goes on. Guess what Pete, I’m going to set a world record myself: The most Fall-Out Boy CD’s incinerated with a flamethrower at one time.

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