Kim Kardashian fancies herself as Wonderwoman

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Kim Kardashian is to Wonderwoman what Tom Cruise is to normal. It just doesn’t fit. It’s like trying to cross pollinate my left arm with a toaster oven. Just a hybrid that should never see the light of day. Anyways, it’s Halloween time again boys and girls. That special time of year where scantily clad ladies line up to meet my all my erotic desires. And just in case any of you beautomous babes are wondering what my secret fetish is this year lets just say that Mr. Ed used to be my favorite television show–wink wink. I wish all of you a barely legal and less than safe Happy Halloween. Love and kisses.

The Bitch

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Hi_HaterNovember 3, 2008 @ 10:37 am

Wow…I think Kim is hot! Someone is drinking some serious “hatorade’lol. Are those cell phone pics, because you should check out the new Krave ( It’s a flip phone that has a clear top and its touch sensitive, so you can use your phone without even opening it!

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