Gisele Bundchen poses semi-nude for American Photo’s 30th anniversary issue

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Darby Gunpowder:
Gisele Bundchen and her go-to photographer Nino Munoz shot the following set of pics for American Photo’s 30th Anniversary Issue. These photos are pretty steamy, but they could have been a notch hotter if a nude Petra Nemcova was involved. Petra is like the bacon of the modeling world -you can add her to any photoshoot and really blow the doors off the hinges.
I digress. The real story here is how well Gisele and her photographer Nino Munez work together. I can only imagine how many nip-slips Nino has encountered over the years -lucky bastard. He probably sneaks candids of Gisele while she’s preparing for shoots in the buff. Rumor has it, Nino has dedicated a secret room in his house that is covered floor to ceiling with these priceless voyeur shots. Pretty creepy, Nino…

Update: Pretty awesome, Nino…

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