Paula Abdul’s stalker found dead, outside Paula’s home

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Darby Gunpowder:
The long time stalker of Paula Abdul was found dead in her car outside the cold hearted snake’s house. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)
No shit:

The woman has “ABL LV” (Abdul Love or Lover) on her license plate and has pictures of Paula hanging from her rear view mirror. Police sources told TMZ that they’ve been called out to Paula’s house a few times to deal with the stalker.
The cops also got a call from the woman’s parents yesterday afternoon. They reported their daughter missing and said she might be at Paula Abdul’s house.

Paula was not at home last night, because she was off being insane while filming “American Idol.”

Paula’s handlers better clear the room of dolls and booze, because she’s going to have a major meltdown over this news. She probably has a nervous breakdown when one of her fake eyelashes falls off, so I can only imagine how she’s going to take this shit.

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